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Just like your pool, Abriblue Covers are unique and therefore made to measure.

As an acknowledged leader and creator of permanent solutions, Abriblue only uses materials that are suitable for the pool area: Aluminium, stainless steel, specific PVC and polycarbonate etc.


Manual Cover

The Abriblue Manual Cover is the solution for all those wanting to ensure that they have the benefit of a Slatted Cover without having to spend a great deal of money. The Manual Cover is operated by a Wheel  connected to a reduction gearbox which enables you to roll on and roll off the cover with ease quickly and efficiently. Manual Covers can be fitted to new and existing pools and will reduce heating and evaporation costs. Up to a maximum size of 5m x 10m ( + 1.5 m radius Stairs )

  • Removable hand-wheel
  • Base stand level adjustment
  • Removable during the winterisation period
  • A motorisation kit is available for upgrading to the Open model

Open Neo / Open Classic Cover

The OPEN NEO – Motorised roller shaft with travel stops. Simple and reliable, the Abriblue brand quality cover at our most competitive price. Discrete and aesthetic. Compliant – All Abriblue covers meet Swimming Pool Safety Standard NF P90-308 . European leader Abriblue has designed and installed over 100,000 pool covers, of which 25,000 are Open Covers.

  • Economical solution.. Less evaporation, improved heat balance for longer, more affordable pool use
  • Cleaner water
  • Discrete and aesthetic
  • Fits easily on most existing or new pools
  • Perfectly adjustable
  • Height-adjustable legs prevent friction on pool edges
  • Equipped with travel stops
  • Declutchable motor
  • Maximum pool size 5 m x 10 m ( + 1.5 m radius Stairs )

Open Solar 2

The Open Solar 2 is an ideal solution for renovation. Immediate installation, your pool is safe without having to lay an electric power
supply cable and all for a controlled investment.

  • New Design: A smaller harmoniously curved stand with a lower
    ground surface area and easy installation, even on narrow coping
  • Can perform up to 40 cycles ( for a 4 x 8m model ) in the event of total darkness, whilst leaving enough for a safety cycle
  • 8 hours of sunlight are enough to fully charge the batteries
  • Takes up little space on the pool deck
  • Perfectly adjustable.. Height-adjustable legs pre vent friction on
    pool edges
  • Equipped with travel stops
  • Maximum pool size 6 m x 12 m ( + 1.5 m radius Stairs )

Open Surf 2 System

The Open Surf 2 System is suitable for all existing or new pools. It covers oval, polygonal and kidney shapes. Combined with the Wing System, the range of application can be extended even further. The wheel & rail combination allows one person to move the slatted cover effortlessly. Available as cabled or stand alone. Pool sizes from 2 x 2 m up to 6 x 12 m ( + 1.5 m radius Stairs )


Open Aero Covers

The Open Aero Cover, Close and enhance your pool with customised night-time lighting, thanks to the stand lighting and an infinite pallet of colours.

Controllable using your smartphone, while remaining compliant with safety standard NF P90-308. Using Bluetooth. Specific AERO application to download from Play Store and App Store free of charge. The use of these features using a manual control remains possible using the key-operated switch on the stand and a push button for the lighting. Pool sizes from 2 x 2 m up to 5 x 10 m.


Bench Covers

The Bench Cover is a motorised, above water slatted cover with PVC or exotic wood slatted casing. An ideal compromise between safety, functionalities, aesthetics and level of investment. It is particularly quick to install and suitable for almost all existing or projected pools.

The Bench Cover shows the optional Hardwood covering whereas the image below left is the standard White PVC housing. Up to a maximum size of 6m x 12m ( + 1.5 m radius stairs )

  • The completely detachable top facilitates slat installation, maintenance and cleaning operations
  • Equipped with travel stops
  • Protects slats from sunlight

Bench Surf System Cover

The Bench Surf System is suitable for all existing or new pools. It covers all shapes of traditional pools as the open surf. The Bench Surf System is available in two versions:

  • Cabled : The mechanismis permanently connected
    to the power supply terminal by a stranded wire.
  • Movement is therefore limited to 2.3m.
  • Stand-alone : a system of on-board batteries powers the motor.
  • It is only connected to the terminal for recharging operations.
  • This configuration is the easiest to use.
  • Power supply terminals come in cabled or solar powered versions ( photovoltaic panel )

Bench Solar Energy Cover

The BENCH SOLAR ENERGY COVER uses the Bench Cover structure, the motor is powered by two batteries that are electronically regulated and powered by a high-efficiency photovoltaic panel. Placed outside and pointed in the right direction, it operates consistently throughout the year, since it does not require high levels of sunlight. For constant improved safety, a beep signal indicates a low battery charge, while gauranteeing a complete final opening / closing cycle. In the event of total darkness, the battery life will enable up to 40 cycles for a 4 x 8 m pool whilst leaving enough energy to secure the pool.

The BENCH SOLAR ENERGY COVER mechanism is declutchable and can be used to secure the pool manually at any time. Up to a maximum size of 7.5m x 15m (+ 1.5 m radius stairs ) (for larger sizes please contact us)


Imm’Box Cover

The Imm’Box Cover is a submerged, motorised slatted cover with its motor located in a dry box outside of the pool and in line with the roller shaft. Its motor manages its travel stops without an external sensor. Pool sizes from 2 x 2 m up to 10 x 25 m.


Imm'Ax Cover

The Imm’Ax Cover is a motorised, submerged slatted cover providing the ideal balance between safety, functionalities,
discretion and aesthetics. The Imm’Ax Cover creates a really special look to the pool area. With the cover submerged and the motor located within the spindle it takes up hardly any space. Pool sizes from 2 x 2 m up to 5 x 10 m (+ 1.5 m radius stairs).


Diver Cover

The new Diver Cover is a new invisable, fully intergrated top of the range version of the submerged cover range.

The Diver Cover has the mechanisms located at the bottom of the pool for exceptional operation. The duckboards of the horizontal slatted cover can, after unlocking, pivot for easy access to the mechanisms, making maintenance and cleaning operations easy. The Diver Cover model comes with two motorisations : dry box or submerged axial , please contact our technical support to recommend which system will best suit your pool. The structure is made from 316L stainless steel to guarantee the mechanical strength required for these applications and reinforced corrosion resistance.

The Wing system is not compatible with the Diver Cover. Pool sizes from 2 x 2 m up to 6 x 12 m, maximum roller shaft depth 1.6 m.
With Diver Cover you can:

  • Obtain the perfect look by building into the pool.
  • Maintain a high water level (particularly suitable for infinity pools)
  • Create a submerged corner seat at the lowest of costs.
  • Use a large number of configurations.
  • Adapt it to existing or projected pools.
  • An opening along the width of the pool, between 6 - 9 cm, allows the slatted cover’s slats to unroll and roll up effortlessly.

Choose from a large selection of coloured slats to match your backyard design:

Opaque PVC :

  • Blue PVC
  • Light Grey PVC
  • White
  • Sand


  • Transparent
  • Blue tinted Translucent
  • Dark Grey

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