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The water of swimming pools or spas undergo constant wear and tear. The Acti Chemical range of products aim to avoid the proliferation of algae and bacteria, as well as calcareous deposits. Act now to make water comfortable for swimmers and bathers.

We offer you a wide choice of products to solve all the problems that you could encounter throughout the year:

  • Milky or cloudy water
  • Green water
  • Limestone deposits
  • Brown, reddish, black water
  • Translucent green water
  • Chlorine smell, skin & eye irritation
  • Difficulties in maintaining chlorine levels
  • The pH is too low
  • The pH is too high
  • Abnormally high pressure on the filter pressure gauge

Discover our 4 ranges of products that will allow you to have an optimal treatment of your water.


Acti Premium Water Treatment

  • Acti Liquid Chlorine 10/11%
  • Acti Liquid Chlorine 14/15%
  • Acti Pool Commercial: Sodium Bisulphate, Sodium (Bi)Carbonate, Calcium Chloride, Hydrochloric Acid
  • Acti Salt: 100% Salt Sack
  • Acti Multifunctional Chlorine Granules
  • Acti 5 Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets
  • Acti Chlor Shock Tablets
  • Acti Floating Dispensers
  • Acti Bromine
  • Acti Shock Granules
  • Acti Water Balance: pH Minus, pH Plus, Calcium increaser, Alkilinity increaser
  • Acti Clarifiers
  • Acti Algaecides
  • Acti Specialty Products: Tile & Liner cleaner, Winterising fluid (with or without Copper), Stabiliser, Chorline/Bromine Reducer, Eucalyptus Milk


Acti Spa Water Treatment

  • Acti Spa Start Kits: Chlorine & Bromine
  • Acti Spa Sanitisers
  • Acti Spa Shock Treatment
  • Acti Spa Water Balance
  • Acti Spa Specialties: Surface cleaner, cartridge cleaner, claifier, anti foam, stain & scale inhibitor, bromaguard

Water analysis is often complicated and difficult to interpret. Download the free ACTI Soft software from the ACTI website and faclitate water analysis!


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