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Category : Water Treatment

Maker : Lovibond

Ref. : LVB-470-0016

Quick, simple tests for the analysis of pool water.


Lamotte Spin Touch

The innovative WaterLink® Spin Touch™ photometer for all pool and spa water analyses!

  • Simply fill a disc of reagents with a sample of water (3 ml is sufficient, injected using a syringe provided), place it in the light meter and click "Start" to perform and the Spin Touch
    automatically scans in less than a minute!
  • New touchscreen
  • Communication via USB or Bluetooth via app
  • Ultra-fast:
    • 4 analytical parameters: pH, free and total chlorine, bromine - 3 uses
    • Up to 11 parameters in less than 1 minute : free and total chlorine, calcium hardness, bromine, copper, pH, Iron,
      Cyanuric Acid, Phosphates, Alkalinity, Salt - Single Use
  • Includes calibration control system by means of a disc
  • Automatic data logging (up to 250 with date and time)
  • Rugged and portable, rechargeable battery
  • Acti Soft compatible
  • HTH compatible - Test O Pro app


Lovibond Scuba3s

Smart electronic pool tester for advanced pool and spa control.

The Scuba3s also fits comfortably in one hand. The back is flattened so that it cuts a good figure everywhere. With the screwable battery compartment, the electronic pool tester is guaranteed waterproof and joins in every pool fun with reliable results. With 4 multifunction buttons, you can easily find your way around the user menu on the larger display accompanied by intuitive animations and icons.

  • Wireless data transfer via NFC
  • Lovibond® PoolAssistant app for pool maintenance & measurement results
  • All important pool parameters
  • Light signal (green/red) to indicate safe water conditions
  • 11 Tests : chlorine (total, free, combind),
    bromine, pH value, alkalinity-m, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, active oxygen, copper and phosphate


Lovibond SD Pocket Tester

With the Pocket Tester, you can measure pH, ORP, conductivity, salt or TDS in the field in no time at all. With its waterproof housing, the Pocket Tester is ideal for regular checks in industrial plants or swimming pools.

Plus, the transparent lid not only provides a secure stand for the Pocket Tester in daily use, but also makes it easier to maintain the electrodes. A three-colour LED lighting system - blue, green and red - and new display icons make the tester easy to use and intuitive to operate. 

  • Transparent lid for easy maintenance and storage
  • Ideal lid design for a stable stand
  • Display colours & symbols for easy use
  • New multi-parameter models for individual measurement requirements
  • Model : SD10 pH, SD20 ORP, SD30EC (Con/TDS/Salt/T) and SD40 Multi (pH/Con/TDS/Salt/T)

Lovibond Hot Tub Test Kit

  • One kit with all you need to test compliant to HSG282
  • Staff training and certification included in test kit
  • Test logs and guidelines included in test kit
  • Test for Free, Total & Combined Chlorine
  • Test for Bromine & Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)



Palintest Lumiso Test Kits

Lumiso Pooltest Expert is a multi-parameter benchtop photometer designed as an all-round solution for pool and spa water testing needs. From pool managers through to professional engineers, this photometer is suitable for testing multiple times daily, quickly and accurately across key and troubleshooting parameters. 

With a large touchscreen interface and simple to follow onscreen instructions the Lumiso Pooltest Expert can be used with little to no prior training. It’s robust construction and IP67 waterproof design ensures it can be used in situ in any environment even with wet hands. Lumiso Pooltest Expert also benefits from easy results retrieval and data traceability for audit compliance purposes. With 35 tests routine and troubleshooting testing is made easy with quick and accurate results.

Lumiso 3

The Lumiso Pooltest 3 combines testing for chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid, for reliable assessments of water quality.

Lumiso 4

The Lumiso Pooltest 4 is ideal for testing spas and indoor pools, inclusive of tests for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine and pH.

Lumiso 6

The Lumiso Pooltest 6 enables a complete water balance calculation, with tests for alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH.


Aquacheck Test Strips

AquaChek testing products are designed to help you test your pool or spa water faster and easier by eliminating the need to count drops and measure samples. Just dip a strip in the pool or spa water and compare to the color chart for results.

  • The AquaChek Chlorine 4-in-1 + ShockChek test kit helps prevent time consuming and costly cloudy water and algae events – so you can spend more time enjoying your pool or spa and less time maintaining it. This test kit covers the essential chemistries for maintaining balanced water and provides an easy-to-read test that tells you when to shock the water.
  • Aquacheck Red : If you're using bromine in your spa make sure you have AquaChek Red on hand. This test strip also tests for total hardness which is especially important for spas and hot tubs. The flip-top cap dispenses one strip at a time, making it quick and easy to grab a strip and start your test.
  • AquaChek Chlorine 4-in-1 is designed for customers who use chlorine in their pool or spa: the go-to product for testing the most critical parameters in your pool. You'll find the easy-to-use flip-top cap conveniently dispenses one strip at a time. AquaChek Chlorine 4-in-1 is a great choice when getting started with pool testing.
  • Aquacheck pool & Spa Shockchek. Check if pool or spa needs to be shock dosed
  • Aqucheck Spa - 6 in 1 test strips
  • Aquceck 7 : Totla Chlorin, Total bromine, free chlorine, pH, Totla Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Total Hardness
  • Aqucheck White : Salt - Sodium, chlorine with advanced precision
  • Aquacheck test for High range chlorine (0-600 ppm)
  • Aquacheck Pro-11 : TDS, Total Hardness, Cyanuric Acid
  • Aquacheck Monopersulphate : Potassium, monopersulphate, pH and Total Alkalinity.

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