Winter is coming, time to think about your pool renovation project!

Published on 26 September 2018

Category : Maintain

Winter is the ideal season to get on with your pool renovation project so that you can fully benefit from your pool as soon as spring arrives.

The renovation of your pool requires know-how as well as specific skills. That is why, before proceeding, you should contact an experienced professional who will be able to help you diagnose the problems.

What's Your Aim?

The aim of your renovation project is to reduce the power consumption of your pool?

In this case, replace your filtration pump with a variable speed model. These pumps are more efficient and consume less energy than any other standard filtration pump model.

The pump is the most important component of your pool. 80% of the water quality of your pool is down to the filtration system. It ensures crystal clear water. Very simply, the pump draws in dirty water from the pool, conveys it to the filter which removes all the impurities and pumps it back, clean, into the pool.  

Variable speed pumps consume less energy while delivering superior filtration quality for the water in your pool.

Your pool isn’t heated?

Heating a pool, regardless of the region, is perfectly feasible at a reasonable cost with a heat pump.

The swimming pool heat pump is one of the most effective and energy-efficient ways to heat your pool. It allows you to enjoy your pool all year long.

Thinking about covering & safeguarding your pool?

Your current pool cover is too heavy, difficult to handle or worn? Choose a slatted cover or tarpaulin that best meets your pool maintenance requirements and fits within your budget. Seek advice from a professional and decide together whether you need a slatted cover, a high or low enclosure, a manual or automatic cover… There are plenty of options!

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