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    SolidBric: In-Ground Pool Kit

    SolidBric Pool Kit System is manufactured from expanded very dense polystyrene blocks which creates a double layer "thermos" effect energy saving pool.

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    Soundcast Speakers

    Premium quality sound and design to allow you to experience music like nerver before!

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    Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

    Simple and sturdy, all suction-side pool cleaners work using the same principle: they have a drive unit that houses 2 electric motors. One drives the tracks that let the machine travel while the other draws water in through the filtration panels.

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    Swimming Pool Filters

    A pool filter assists in ensuring that your pool water is clean and clear. A pool filter is one of the most crucial aspects in your swimming pool.

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    Tools and Adhesives - Griffon

    Griffon develops and offers easy, fast and reliable solutions for the assembly, bonding, sealing and long-term protection of many materials and surfaces.

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    UV Sterilising Water Treatment

    Take pool hygiene and water clarity to the ultimate level! Pool water that sparkles like diamonds in a way you’ve never seen, thanks to Electro Engineering Water Treatment.

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    Variable Speed Pumps

    A variable-speed pump offers multiple speed options. Variable-speed filters allow you to fine-tune your pump speed to optimize performance and save energy.

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    Water Test Kits & Photomoters

    Quick, simple tests for the analysis of pool water.

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    Water Treatment & Chemical Products

    The water of swimming pools or spas undergo constant wear and tear. Water treatment products aim to avoid the proliferation of algae and bacteria, as well as calcareous deposits. Act now to make water comfortable for swimmers and bathers.

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    Weekend Spas range

    A new range of Spas for a unique and incredible wellness experience!

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    Wooden Pools Rectoo, Quartoo, and Octooby GardiPool

    The Rectoo, Quartoo, and Octoo pool are a part of the 'GardiPool' Wooden pool range. Featuring 3 innovative designs to combine beauty and funcionality.

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    Zenit Electric Pool Cleaners

    Save time and relax while your Dolphin Zenit cleaner is cleaning your pool.

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