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ProMatic™ Salt Water Chlorination

Category : Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

Ref. : MNC-450-0100

ProMatic: The simple and automatic answer to pool sanitising.

Diving into a sparkling clean water is essential. To maintain the quality of your water, you will have to select the appropriate chlorinator. ProMatic, saltwater chlorinator, is ideal for pool sanitisation.

  • Quick installation, simple displays for easy diagnostic – saves time and money for the professional
  • Simple and intuitive user control systems – easy for the consumer
  • Long life reverse polarity cell – minimizes cell cleaning
  • Automatic, simple and safe sanitization of your pool. Minimises chemical storage on site
  • Choice of models for residential pools up to 250m3 – the right size is always available
  • Pool cover connectivity – Helps prevent over chlorination
  • Inbuilt protection against no flow, low temperature and low salt – peace of mind for the pool owner
  • External pH and ORP controls available

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