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Ref. : MNC-450-0111

Davey's range of water treatment technology is a economical, simple & compact answer to automatic pool sanitising.

Diving into a sparkling clean water is essential. To maintain the quality of your water, you will have to select the appropriate eco salt chlorinator. Enjoy a comfortable swimming experience with an eco-friendly low cost chlorine solution.

Benefits of saltwater chlorination for your pool

  • Ideal for above ground residential pools, inground residential pools, plunge pools, swim spas
  • Cost-effective: eco-friendly low cost chlorine solution
  • Safety: no more need to handle chlorine
  • Comfortable: improves bath comfort. Water quality of saltwater is soft
  • Healthier: EcoSalt avoids skin and eye irritation. Exposure to chlorine chemicals can cause damage to the skin
  • Cleanliness: desinfection ability is equal to chlorine pools without using chlorine
  • Maintenance: no need to shock your swimming pool to remove chloramines as EcoSalt is self-regulating. Compact, low maintenance and easy to use - suited for the “cassette market”

EcoSalt - Salt Water Chlorination

  • Compact, low maintenance and easy to use - suited for the “cassette market”
  • Compact high performance in-line electrolytic cell
  • Improved bather comfort - no skin or eye irritation
  • Range of models for residential pools up to 130m3
  • Flow switch for detection of low flow and no flow
  • Warranty - 2 Years


EcoSalt - Redox

  • Smart salt water sanitiser with automated output
  • Proven EcoSalt technology with inbuilt REDOX (ORP) control - ideal for Indoor Pools, Pools with Covers and Swim Spas
  • Automatic control of oxidiser levels - keeps pools and spas safe to swim in
  • Able to generate Chlorine or Bromine - Ideal for swim spas
  • Easy to operate - “set and forget”
  • Suitable for pools up to 60m3 and swim spas up to 8m3
  • Warranty - 2 Years Probe - 1 Year

Doc EcoSalt redox EN


EcoSalt 2 - Salt Water Chlorination

  • Davey's All New Pool Sanitiser
  • Next generation pool chlorination system with low salt level capability
  • Ideal for in-ground and above ground
    residential swimming pools.
    Suitable for pools up to 75m3.
  • Next generation high performance reverse polarity in-line cell with integrated safety flow switch
  • New switch mode power supply to accommodate low salt chlorine production
  • Low Salt and No Flow indicators
  • Low Salt cut off to protect the cell
  • Comprehensive user-friendly LCD interface
  • Boost Mode for additional chlorination during periods of heavy bather loads
  • Pool Cover Mode reduces chlorine output when pool cover is used to prevent over chlorination
  • Operating Salt Level: 1500 – 6000ppm
  • LCD screen for user friendly operation
  • UV stabilised enclosure for strength and durability

Promatic - Salt Water Chlorination

  • Quick installation, simple displays for easy diagnostic - saves time and money for the professional
  • Simple and intuitive user control systems – easy for the consumer
  • Long life reverse polarity cell – minimizes cell cleaning
  • Automatic, simple and safe sanitization of your pool. Minimises chemical storage on site.
  • Choice of models for residential pools up to 250m3 – the right size is always available
  • Pool cover connectivity – Helps prevent over chlorination
  • Inbuilt protection against no flo, low temperature and low salt – peace of mind for the pool owner
  • External pH and ORP controls available
  • Warranty - 4 Years
Doc ProMatic EN

Regul 'Matic Salt Control System

  • Extends the life of the Electrolytic Cell
  • Reduce excess chlorine readings
  • Ideal for indoor swimming pools and pools with covers
  • Utilises Redox technology to measure chlorine content
  • LED display for Sanitiser level
  • Warranty - 2 Years

Pro Genius - Controller & Salt Water Chlorination

  • Ideal for In-Ground and Above-Ground residential pools
  • The all-in-one salt water pool sanitiser & controller
  • Filtration pump connection with “motor overload protector”
  • Compact high performance in-line electrolytic cell
  • Flow switch for detection of low flow and no flow
  • Connection for ORP & pH controllers
  • Cover mode connection
  • Inbuilt LED light transformer and switch for connection to pool lights
  • EziSet digital timer for easy control of filtration cycle
  • Recommended operating Salt Level: 4500 - 6000ppm
  • Choice of models for residential pools up to 115m3
  • Warranty - 3 Years

Doc Pregenius EN

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