EcoSalt Water Chlorination

Category : Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

Ref. : MNC-450-0111

EcoSalt water chlorination is the economical, simple and compact answer to automatic pool sanitising.

Diving into a sparkling clean water is essential. To maintain the quality of your water, you will have to select the appropriate chlorinator. The EcoSalt, saltwater chlorinator, is ideal for pool sanitisation. 

Benefits of saltwater chlorination for your pool

  • Ideal for above ground residential pools, inground residential pools, plunge pools, swim spas
  • Cost-effective: eco-friendly low cost chlorine solution
  • Safety: no more need to handle chlorine
  • Comfortable: improves bath comfort. Water quality of saltwater is soft
  • Healthier: EcoSalt avoids skin and eye irritation. Exposure to chlorine chemicals can cause damage to the skin
  • Cleanliness: desinfection ability is equal to chlorine pools without using chlorine
  • Maintenance: no need to shock your swimming pool to remove chloramines as EcoSalt is self-regulating. Compact, low maintenance and easy to use - suited for the “cassette market”

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