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Published on 09 May 2014

Category : Wellness

An exclusive Acti Spa premium range for water treatment.

The Acti Spa premium range of products is composed of the following products:

  • Acti Spa Starter Kit
  • Acti Spa Sanitisers
  • Acti Spa Shock Treatment
  • Acti Spa Water Balance
  • Acti Spa Specialities such as cartridge cleaner, anti foam, bromaguard...

Why should you treat the water in your Spa?

The spa water comes under permanent attack and therefore suffers damages due to impurities:

  • Brought about by swimmers: saliva, sweat, hair, lotions, bacteria, etc.
  • Brought about by the environment: grass, earth, soot, acid rain, etc.

The treatment seeks to:

  • Prevent the spread of algae and bacteria
  • Prevent lime deposits
  • Make the water comfortable for relaxation

Irrespective of the type of spa you have, the water must be:

  • Pristine & Safe, Disinfected & Disinfecting and lastly Comfortable so that you can take full advantage of your Spa
  • A poorly treated spa can cause irritations: to the eyes, the skin, the ENT area and even the feet


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