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Published on 06 March 2024

Category : Wellness

Wellis is committed to providing state-of-the-art equipment, designed with the latest technologies, designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient, reducing the environmental impact and the operating costs of the spa...

    The shell of the spas from this hungarian company is well insulated, considering the extreme cold of northern Europe, where the mercury can plunge below -25 degrees. The insulation is of high quality and saves energy by keeping the water at the optimal temperature and reducing the load on the heater. 
    The company has given its spas a new type of Scandinavian insulation. It has placed 3.5 cm of POLYFOAM boards inside the spa’s frame, rather than attaching them to the outer cover. The boards fit perfectly to the inner dimensions of the frame and can be easily installed or removed. Wellis has also replaced the foam insulation under the rim with a more attractive 3.5 cm of POLYFOAM insulation. In the tray, the best insulator was used: air. It has done this by putting an ABS sheet 3 cm away from the bottom plate, forming insulating air chambers. 
    The WOW SYSTEM is an improved electric water diverter that replaces the large manual one. It has the same function and a smaller panel with buttons for easy use. The electric water diverter creates a gentler massage experience, as the water speed increases gradually after activation. The device also offers a new massage experience in the tub: it changes the direction of the massage every five seconds, creating a pulsing effect that mimics a traditional massage. The device also enhances the water current by combining the massage power of two old-model pumps in one, by straightening the pipes and installing the new water diverter. This reduces the energy consumption by half while in use. Wellis has designed an energy efficient water diverter, which has a patent registered in 152 countries. It has 23% higher pressure and about 30% less energy consumption than the competitor’s solution. It also has 75% higher pressure and about 41% less energy consumption than the previous models. 
    A multi-stage filtration and sanitation system ensures crystal clear, safe bathing water with the minimum of user input in all Wellis spas. The process begins with special antimicrobial cartridge filters that trap any tiny particles as the low energy eco-circulation pump draws spa water through them. The antimicrobial coating then destroys any bacteria that may be attached to the filtered particles, preventing growth and odors and making the filters easy to clean and reuse many times. After being filtered, the spa water passes through the heater and the eco-circulation pump. Then it goes through a sanitation device that is fitted in every spa. The filters purify the water several times a day, leaving no dirt on the bottom. The antimicrobial spa filter cartridges provide an unsurpassed level of leisure water cleansing. The motor circulates more water and faster, filtering the water more speedily. The new circulation jet has 3 zones, where 2 zones point downwards to stir up the standard dirt from the bottom of the hot tub. The upper zone directs the water into the filter. An electronic sanitation device, called OZMIX system, is fitted in every spa we make. It greatly reduces the amount of chemicals that are required to keep the spas bathing water safe, and hence improves the quality of the water for bathers. 
    The tests conducted during Wellis developments showed that the ozone systems they were using were the most efficient for disinfection. The mixing of ozone in the water increased the efficiency of the disinfecting effect. They created the OZMIX™ system to facilitate this, which proved to be more effective than comparable disinfection systems that added chlorine and the right amount of ph. Their goal was to find the best possible disinfection mode and reduce the amount of chemicals that were currently in use. They tested the OZMIX™ system on all the bacterial strains in their hot tubs and it performed better than the other disinfection systems, as in the previous cases. The O3 + UV system that they used before showed more than 4,000 units of bacterium colonies for all bacteria in their hot tubs, while the ozone mixer showed only a total of 1,500 units of bacterial colonies, less than half of the O3+UV test results. 
    With a built-in heat pump, the Smart-In step can adjust temperatures from -5°C to +40°C, saving 70-75% of heating energy. The steps have storage compartments that allow the users to keep towels or chemicals, and charge their cell phones using a USB hub. 
    Environmental awareness is a key factor in Wellis’s manufacturing technology, so they eliminated the use of wood during the production and replaced it with recycled materials. This is how they protect the rainforests and nature. They are not afraid of technological innovations to achieve the most effective recycling. They prefer energy-efficient solutions that also support sustainability and environmentally conscious production technologies. With this in mind, they produced their new and renewed products in accordance with these standards. This is the reason they named their revised logo Life, which both of their product families: Peak and CityLife carry on. 

    The newly developed, top-quality waterproof elements are featured in the Wellis AquaSoul™ Pro sound system. MP3 players, or any other cable-connected devices are no longer needed because the built-in receiver is true Bluetooth and can be connected via mobile phone. The latest, high-quality, waterproof elements are featured in the sound system installed in PeakLife spas. It has an extended Bluetooth range, a stronger subwoofer (300 W), and a modern speaker design. 
    Their chromotherapy system is based on lights of four different colours: green, yellow, blue, and red. They can be set to fade gently through the spectrum or fixed on the single colour most beneficial to the mood by a simple touch of the spa’s control panel. 

Wellis is committed to providing state-of-the-art equipment, designed with the latest technologies, designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient, reducing the environmental impact and the operating costs of the spa. Wellis spas use high-quality insulation, smart heating systems, and innovative water diverters to optimize the spa performance and save energy. 

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