What are the benefits of Ultra Violets?

Published on 09 May 2014

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Find out more about an automatic, chlorine-free system!

UV-C clear the water of any algae, bacteria, etc. Additional oxygen is automatically injected in small doses to disinfect the water.

Benefits for the swimmers

The residual oxygen is gentle for the skin and has no unpleasant or harmful side effects. The water does not prick (eyes and mucous) and is gentle for the skin: your water is healthy and clear.

Benefits for the owner

  • C-UV destroy algae, bacteria, etc. The water stays clear, even in case of a thunderstorm
  • Residual oxygen: a natural (H²O²) algaecide agent. Harmless, automatic distribution of a low dose and reduced maintenance
  • Durable ecological system, manufactured according to an ecological design. You can use the water from your swimming pool to water your garden

Technical advantages

No corrosion, no harmful chemical residues or negative side effects.

The system does not change the pH of the water.

The range

The UV treatment may be a type of reactor ; the model needs to be chosen depending on the filterpump’s output. It can also be sold with a regulation pump for the oxygen (algaecide) and/or with an automatic pH regulation.

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