Why buy a pool heat pump?

Published on 30 May 2018

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You are looking to make a decision on why choosing a heat pump rather than another pool heating system? The information laid out here will make the decision process much easier.

Pool heat pump: highly efficient and lower usage cost

Much is being said about pool heating. However, the conclusion always remains the same: a heat pump is, by far, the best and most economical pool heating solution available on the market today.

The biggest advantage of a heat pump is its high efficiency and low usage cost. A pool heat pump is a unique return on investment option as it offers affordable heating. When used cost-effectively, you can reduce your annual electricity cost up to approximately £400.

Heat pumps are affordable in both the short term and long term. They can last a very long time, at least 10 to 20 years, even more with suitable maintenance habits.

But how to choose your pool heat pump?

To start with, you need to compare the COP values. COP stands for Coefficient of Performance and is the ratio of useful heating or cooling provided to work required. The higher the COP, the higher the efficiency of the heat pump.

Then, you should consider the quality of the components when buying a pool heat pump. Make sure the heat pump has a titanium heat exchanger, as only titanium is highly resistant to the chemicals used for pool maintenance. This will also significantly extend the service life of your heat pump.

You will also need to choose a heat pump with the appropriate size for your pool. The size you will need depends on the size of your pool, the shape and the location. To make the right decision, please refer to your pool professional.


At Swimmingpool.eu, we offer the ultimate pool heat pump on the market: the Garden Pac InverTech pool heat pump: an energy saving and silent pump for your pool.

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