Find inspiration for your future pool!

Published on 19 January 2018

Category : Construct

You are thinking of having your private pool but you have no idea what kind of pool suits you best?

Rectangular, freeform, L, oval, overflowing... Over the last years, the shapes of swimming pools have changed a lot.

Today, small pools are very successful as they are ideal for city life and small budgets, they can be built very rapidly and are easy to maintain and to equip.

Another new trend: swimming lanes. More and more people prefer the elegance of a swimming lane.

Find some inspiration with the following pictures for your future pool!

A rectangular-shaped swimmingpool

004     kd-poolscapes

A freeform-shaped swimmingpool

personalizzata     11contemporaneaperla-6

elitenaturaleaa1     4contemporanea-elegant-a-2

A L-shaped swimmingpool

piscine-caracole     piscine-lazylorfulll

An oval-shaped swimmingpool

151208-bild-samoa-plus-becken     12contemporanea-relax-1-2

Overflowing swimmingpools

elite-infinty-pieri-ingresspiaggia-8-2 01rocca-del-maestrino  fotolia84473573xxl

Swimmingpool surroundings

jlrivieredekkers2 elite-infinity1-zei-2 jlriviere3


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