4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Indoor Swimming Pool

Published on 03 December 2019

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The idea of owning a swimming pool that can be enjoyed year-round is not a myth. The answer is, of course: an indoor pool!

Indoor swimming pools are an ideal solution for those who want to make the most of their pool during any season; all while not leaving the comfort of your home. Before starting a construction plan; there are a few things to take into account, but there are plenty of benefits. Once you have installed your indoor swimming pool, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so sooner!

An accessible luxury for any home

For many, the idea of a swimming pool is still linked to the concept of luxury. However, with today’s innovative materials, cutting-edge technology, and modern construction techniques, now building a swimming is an accessible option for many families. Although building an indoor pool presents more obstacles that building an outdoor pool (in-ground or above-ground), a thorough survey and preparation will lead to a stress-free construction experience. 

Before-purchase evaluations: 4 things to think about before buying an indoor pool


The first question we must address: where? Spaces such as basements, verandas, or closed porches are ideal spots for a swimming pool inside a home. The most important aspect to accommodate is safety. The weight of the structure and water, the ventilation of the room, the humidity level, the lighting are all aspects that must be calculated and considered at the design stage in order to see if an indoor pool construction is feasible. Additionally; we must evaluate the size. A room with a particular shape requires you to adapt the pool and customize the structure. For those who have a smaller space or a limited budget; perhaps you can opt for a mini pool or hot tub. This small structure has all the benefits of indoor pool with all the comforts of a spa.


The main problem with indoor swimming pools is the humidity that is created in the room that houses the structure. In order to maintain a healthy environment, it is essential to provide the room with a humidifier that can regulate the percentage of water in the air and keep it under control. A too humid environment, as well as not being healthy for us, risks damaging the walls of the house leading to the formation of mold that in the long run can damage the walls.


An indoor pool can be used all year round, even in winter! During these chilly seasons, the indoor environment must remain closed, however, in the summer season, you may want to let in the air from outside. An excellent solution is to place the system in a closed room but equipped with French windows that can be opened wide if necessary.


Another essential aspect for an indoor installation is the lighting. To enjoy a structure to the fullest you need to equip it with an efficient and practical lighting system. Consider installing low-consumption LED spotlights. LED lighting will last a long time and require little maintenance, but also to create alternative lighting points to create a more cosy atmosphere.

Bonus Tip

To install an indoor swimming pool in your home, we recommend that you contact real professionals who are serious and competent, who follow you step by step at all times and who know how to advise you. In this way can you have a smooth and fast installation process. An indoor pool is like purchasing a relaxing oasis where you can experience pleasant moments in the company of loved ones and where you can relax after a busy day. Furthermore, this long-term investment will be enjoyed for years to come, all while increasing the value of your property and improving the quality of life of you and your family.

Want more information? Contact the pool and spa professionals to get started!

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