Aqualarm Pool Alarm

Category : Pool Supplies

Maker : Maytronics

An effective, simple, attractive and reliable pool alarm to prevent from drowning.

Vigilance is the best way to prevent from drowning, but a pool alarm can also save lives. A pool alarm is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when anyone falls into your unsupervised pool.

The Aqualarm provides safety for total peace of mind !


This will alert you in the event of a fall into your pool, whilst avoiding false alarms due to environmental disturbances (weather or service equipment such as the cleaner robot or filter system).


Aqualarm does not require any electrical cables or specific adjustments. When you want to swim, just deactivate the alarm by entering the secret code. After your swim, start-up is automatic.


Discreet and elegant, Aqualarm will blend perfectly into your pool area.


Aqualarm has passed all the tests run by the LNE (National Test Laboratory). It is a self-contained safety system which meets all the requirements of pool safety requirements.

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