Bowman Heat Exchangers

The Bowman EC80-5113-1T heat exchanger offers a new way of heating hot tubs quickly, reducing energy costs for your customers.

It’s ultra-compact, so it can be installed virtually anywhere. And at its heart is a titanium tubestack, so it is suitable for any type of pool water and comes with a 10 year guarantee*. Compared to traditional heating systems, the EC80 can help heat hot tubs in just a fraction of the time usually taken by a conventional electric unit. It can also reduce energy costs significantly, by enabling hot tubs to be heated from alternative or renewable energy sources.


  • Titanium is the Ultimate ‘fit and forget’ pool solution.
  • Titanium Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers can withstand attack from all known chemicals and can be used on any type of pool or spa water.
  • Can be used on saline pool water and with salt water chlorinators.
  • 10 Year guarantee on titanium components in contact with pool water.
  • Greater heat transfer properties so increased performance, resulting in smaller unit size requirement.
  • Lower ‘whole life’ cost as has extended life and lower maintenance.
  • Eliminates the possibility of galvanic reaction within the heat exchanger.
  • Composite end covers and solvent weld connectors for easy installation.
  • Integral 7mm thermostat pocket.
  • Easily removable tube stack and end covers makes cleaning and maintenance very simple.

Stainless Steel and Cupro-Nickel versions are available
Please contact us for details.

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