What is a machine room ?

Published on 13 April 2016

Category : Construct

The machine room includes all the filtering system components.

Let's talk machine rooms!

  • Distance to the pool: ideally between 3.5 and 10 m
  • Height above water level: + 30cm to + 50 max or supported (but risk of flooding)
  • Accommodation capacity : 1.5 x 2 m to 2x3m for:

Pump + filter, pipework including suction + discharge manifolds, the bypasses (treatment, heating) for the equipment to be installed or added at a later date (think of the equipment market = work for the future).

Think about maintenance and easy access to the equipment.

  • Materials Needed:
    • A concrete floor
    • A sufficiently wide door to replace the filter
    • Sufficient power supply: pool equipment (filtration, type of heating?) + equipment such as lighting, power outlets, if the machine room is detached from the house (chalet, pool house)
    • Useful water supply facilities: backup tank, dissolution of products, cleaning
    • Ground ideally drained via a PVC ground plug
    • Ventilation imperative: to avoid corrosive environments (chemical products that evaporate) and overheating.

The network incoming pipework are protected against frost up to the machine room (-80cm)

The incoming pipework is not embedded into the slab (spare) and will be filled with gravel or packed once the room has been built to facilitate the work.

Identify the suction and discharge points with a marker pen (RFT, BDF, BAL, SK, CAP)

Buried machine room

Buried or semi-buried machine rooms

In the case of a remote pool - no room in the garage ...

For installing a standard filtering system in a small space.

  • Empty or equipped

Be careful when performing the installation, many disputes have arisen

  • Install on slab or stabilised bed
  • Rigid vertical piping and not flat
  • Backfill with 10-14 gravel
  • Provide support under the pump
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