Where to install your pool

Published on 09 May 2014

Category : Construct

Maybe you've been planning on installing your future pool in a specific part of your land…

 You should take the time to ensure that your project's on the right track by reading these basic observations


  • In order to ensure your privacy you can add a hedge, wall or mound to your deck, which will also provide shelter from the dominating wind.

  • Place the pool as close as possible to your house. This enables you to supervise the swimmers and the condition of the water, enjoy your illuminated pool at night, and also heat your swimming pool water with your home heater. These are only some advantages of having your pool close to your house.

  • Avoid trees near the pool in order to prevent discomfort such as leaves and other plant debris in the swimming pool,

  • Also beware of trees that might, as they grow, bring more shadow and who’s roots could damage your terrace or even the pool structure.

  • Make sure you leave enough space for the buildingmachines and ground removal.

  • Before starting the ground works, check the existence of underground piping (electricity, gas, sewer, etc.)

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