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Spa Enclosure - Maia

  • The Maia enclosure is equipped with FREE-STANDING
    ROLLER, NOT BOTTOM TRACKS, which ensures easy folding.
  • An exclusive self-guided anti-lock system connecting the various pieces, allows a flexible and linear movement.
  • The Maïa enclosure presents the assurance of total and optimal
    protection against weather risks before and after using the spa.
  • With the Maïa enclosure, make the most of the warmth from the
    sun’s rays.
  • It is equipped with a fixed back an accordion front that allows
    clearing a maximum amount of space or a retractable door that can swing open.
  • Double action locks ensure safety.
  • Thanks to its accordian front the Maïa enclosure can be folded to
    one side.
  • It is a easily manageable enclosure that opens and closes in a few seconds.
  • More than an enclosure, it is a real place of relaxation protected and modular to fully utilise the spa.
  • The enclosure’s pieces are filled with Alveolar Polycarbonate that is 8 mm thick and anti-UV treated.
  • The sides, front and bottom are equipped with transparent

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