Aquavac 300 pool cleaner

Category : Pool Cleaners

Maker : Hayward

Ref. : HAY-200-0037

A robust and highly efficent pool cleaner, cleaning the bottom, walls and the water line.

Known for years for their sturdiness and effectiveness, both the cleaner ranges have identical performances and clean the bottom of the pool, the walls and the water line.

Equipped with ASCL Logic (Microprocessor control) the AquaVac 300 will calculate the size and shape of the pool and clean every corner, wall and step.

The advantages

  • Available in foam brush version or picot brush for greater flexibility
  • Available as the Quick Clean version for a clean that takes under 2 hours
  • Strengthened filter cartridges


  • Smarter: adaptative seek control logic (ASCL®) microprocessor control optimizes cleaning routine for each individual pool size and shape.
  • Hardworking: it’s powerful on board pump sucks up dirt and debris while raving the bottom of the pool, the walls, inclines and steps for a pool that sparkles from rim to rim.
  • Easier to use: no installation, no attachments. Just drop it in and turn it on. Completely automatic

Extra durability

  • Electronic Self-Diagnostics and Overload protection
  • Simply Direct Drive Design with non-corrosive bearings for high reliability


  • Short cycle (only for AquaVac 300 QC) designed with a more efficient cleaning pattern allowing for quick cleanups between standard cycles while still reaching all areas of your pool
  • Brush or foam, depend on your pool: foam ensuring a good cleaning in difficult conditions: better adhesion to polyester pools, increased efficiency in pools equipped with security edges

Ease of use

  • An easy clean reinforced cartridge filter. Simply rinse and clean with a garden hose

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