Sentiotec Sauna Accessories

Category : Wellness: Spa, Hot tub & Sauna

Maker : Sentiotec

Sentiotec offers a large range of accessories to make your wellness experience even better!

The Sauna models come with a large range of accessories to improve your wellness experience.

Within the range, you can find :


Choose between white, black, basic pine & soapstone.The thermometer/hygrometer of the 110° line (100° for the basic pine & soapstone models) combines good and thoughtful design with precise measurement of the sauna climate. In this way you can always keep an eye on your sauna climate.

Sauna Buckets

Sauna bucket, 3 liter, plastic inner liner

Stainless steel bucket, 4 liter, with wooden handle

Sauna Ladles

Stainless steel Ladle with wooden handle, 40 cm, 200 ml

Wooden spoon 41 cm, 100 ml

Sauna Hourglass

Pine Hourglass, 15 minutes

Sauna Stones

Sauna Finnish and Round Stones for your infusion


Also in the range, headrests wave, classic headrests, sauna accessories kit, wellness set of 5 (honey), sauna peeling creme, sauna peeling salt.

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