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Published on 06 June 2022

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Above ground pools are inexpensive and quick to install. Check out the models offered by Garden Leisure!

During the summer, it is nice to be able to cool off by a pool. But not everyone has been able to or has had the time to plan for the construction of a pool. 

To remedy this problem, there are many above-ground pools that require little or no construction work. 
There are pools to suit all tastes, shapes and budgets. 

Garden Leisure offers 4 types of pools: Tubular pools, steel pools, resin pools and wooden pools. 
Garden Leisure's tubular pools are 100% Italian made with a self-supporting metal frame (European patent) and an anti-algae and anti-UV treated polyester cover. They are available in different sizes. 

The Pacific SILVERMIST and SERENA above ground pools are made of high-quality steel and offer excellent value for money. Indeed, the walls do not require any maintenance and resist in time. These two pools can be easily integrated into a garden and are available in round or oval format. 

The GEMINI pool is made from resin and includes 3 models, round and oval. Its resin composition makes it compatible with electrolysis treatment. It also has other advantages such as easy assembly, maintenance-free walls and an appearance that combines quality and aesthetics. 
To make the most of the Garden Leisure above ground pools, they include a complete kit with filtration and heat pump. 

Finally, Garden Leisure offer a wide range of wooden above ground pools that will blend harmoniously into any garden. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes (round, oval and rectangle). 

You can also complete your above-ground pool with a dedicated cleaner, a Poolstyle heat pump or even protect it with a special cover. 

Discover our products on swimmingpool.eu 

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