• gl1200-overhead-2012

    Swim Spa Garden Leisure 1200

    The best Swim Spa model for a little training and some fun!

  • gl1400-overhead-2012

    Swim Spa Garden Leisure 1400

    Use it to swim, stretch, row, relax and enjoy.

  • ultratemp-e-hr1

    ULTRATEMP-E Heater

    Why should you choose an UltraTemp®-E heat pump?
    That’s easy. it offers the longest list of standard features available.

  • kok-400-8575-in-situ

    Vektro Pool Cleaners

    Pool Cleaners dedicated to simplify and reduce your pool maintenance workload, to maximize your pool enjoyment while minimizing maintenance chores.

  • lacron-filter-filament

    Waterco Filters

    Discover Waterco's exceptional line of Lacon Filters for swimming pools.

  • lacronite

    Waterco Pool Pumps

    Discover the wide selectin of Waterco Pool Pumps. Great quality, low cost and easily swapped without any adjustments to plumbing.

  • img0978web

    Week-end Spas range

    A new range of Spas for a unique and incredible wellness experience!

  • gardipool-rectoo-0902

    Wooden Pools Rectoo, Quartoo, and Octooby GardiPool

    The Rectoo, Quartoo, and Octoo pool are a part of the 'GardiPool' Wooden pool range. Featuring 3 innovative designs to combine beauty and funcionality.

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