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Aquabiking or Aquacycling is a great sport in order to keep fit, sculpt your legs, improve your figure and fight against cellulite.

Gentle on the joints, Aquabiking uses the resistance of water, combines cardiovascular virtues to those pedaling with a constant water massage which promotes the venous and lymphatic drainage, which effectively fights against the feeling of heavy legs, water and retention and cellulite.


Optima Bike by Hexagone

  • Ideal for aqua fitness sessions
  • Innovative design
  • Ergonomic adjustable posture
  • Increased stability due to suction cups
  • Pedal tested for bare foot comfort
  • Dimensions:115 x 92 x 66 cm
  • Depth of use:120 - 140 cm
  • Weight:14 kg
  • Available in 8 colours - Light blue, Pink, Orange, Green, White, Red, Yellow, Royal blue

Optima 200 Bike by Hexagone

  • Dimensions:120 x 160 x 66 cm
  • Depth of use:120 - 170 cm
  • Weight:16 kg
  • Available in 7 colours- Light blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Royal blue

Hexa Run Treadmill by Hexagone

An aquatic comprehensive facility exercise for the pool.

An underwater treadmill is an aquatic exercise device that will transform any Commercial or Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool or Swim Spa into a safe, comprehensive exercise facility.

The natural buoyancy of water allows you to power walk or jog with minimal stress on your joints. The treadmill is a perfect leg strengthening workout that also provides an excellent cardio workout to stay in shape and burn fat. Can be used with or without the handrails.

  • Dimensions:135 x 82 x 153 cm
  • Depth of use:120 - 140 cm
  • Weight:25 kg

Hexa Jump Trampoline by Hexagone

Have fun and get fit with the Hexa Jump Trampoline without putting stress on joints and muscles. Hexa Jump is available in orange, green, red, light blue, royal blue, pink and yellow.

  • Polyethylene / Stainless steel construction
  • 8 suction cups
  • Available in 7 colours - Green, Pink, Light blue, Orange, Royal blue, Red

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