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Products of the moment

  • pmi-900-0016

    Commercial Pool

    Aquaness Treadmill

    Aquaness Underwater Treadmil is an aquatic exercise device that will transform any Commercial
    or Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool or Swim Spa into a safe, comprehensive exercise facility.

  • c100se-side01

    Filters and Pumps

    Cartridge Filters SWIMCLEAR

    Very fine filtration ( 20 to 25 microns )

  • progeniuscontrollercellopenlidmock

    Water treatment

    Pro Genius - Controller & Salt Water Chlorination

    Ideal for in-ground and Above ground residential pools.
    The All-in-one Salt Water pool sanitiser & controller.

  • silensorprovsd400-copie

    Filters and Pumps

    Pump Silensor Pro Premium

    Ultra quiet, water cooled pump with adaptive speed technology

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