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Garden PAC heat pump

Any Product

Category : Heat Pump

Maker : Garden PAC

In Extreme Silence!

  • Solid Block Heat Priority (NEW 2015)
  • Insulated Compressor (NEW 2015)
  • Can be safely used on both low & high flowrate systems
  • Simple operation
  • Digital control for increased accuracy
  • R410A
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • 5 Year Compressor warranty
  • 2 Years Parts warranty
  • Class B according to FPP COP classification
2015 Upgrades

10 times quieter than normal on/off Heat Pump

Full-inverter technology

Heating Priority
1) Saving energy by controlling water pump on & off intelligently according to heating requirement !
2) No continuous noise from running water pump
3) Always maintains desired pool temperature

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