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  • Above Ground Pool - Getting started


    Above Ground Pool - Getting started

    These pools can be installed quickly, and can be easily dismantled and transported if you ever move to a new home.

  • aquaness-v1

    Commercial Pool

    Aquaness Pool Fitness V1 Bike

    Aquaness Bikes For the Pool or Swim Spa - (Private or Public Pool, Medical Rehabilitation)

  • aquaness-v2-jaune

    Commercial Pool

    Aquaness Pool Fitness V2 Bike

    Aquaness V2 Bike

  • v3

    Commercial Pool

    Aquaness Pool Fitness V3 Bike

    Aquaness V3 Bike

  • pmi-900-0016

    Commercial Pool

    Aquaness Treadmill

    Aquaness Underwater Treadmil is an aquatic exercise device that will transform any Commercial
    or Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool or Swim Spa into a safe, comprehensive exercise facility.

  • aquavac300-picot

    Pool Maintenance

    Aquavac 300 Pool cleaner

    Known for years for their sturdiness and effectiveness, both the
    cleaner ranges have identical performances and clean the bottom
    of the pool, the walls and the water line.

  • Assembly procedures


    Assembly procedures


 This information will help you to select your building procedures.

  • Automatic cover


    Automatic cover

    An automatic safety system that covers the pool all year long.

  • Automatic treatment


    Automatic treatment

    Various type of automatic treatment exist.

  • Automatic treatment for ABG pool


    Automatic treatment for ABG pool

    Salt-treating your above-ground pool is now possible!!!!

  • av50s

    Pool Maintenance

    AV50S Domestic


  • 2015swimmey-azurkithr

    Above Ground Pool

    Azur Pump Filter combinations

    The unique blow-moulded process creates a one piece, non-corrosive tank of unequalled strength and durability.
    This pump and filter system provides excellent performance at an affordable price.

  • badu-jet-wave

    Pool Fittings

    Badu Jet

    Counter Current range

  • Biocidal and Reach Regulations


    Biocidal and Reach Regulations

    REACH is a European Union regulation adopted to improve protection for human health and the environment against the risks related to chemicals, while promoting the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the EU.

  • bull-outdoor-kitchen-bison

    Outdoor Living

    Bison Charcoal Grill

    The Bison Charcoal Cart has a large primary cooking area
    with stainless steel side shelves that provide plenty of space for food preparation on either side of the grill

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