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EcoSalt Redox Salt Water Chlorination

Category : Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

Maker : Davey

Ref. : MNC-450-0514

Smart residential salt water sanitiser for a healthy pool!

‚ÄčIdeal for above-ground and in-ground residential pools and for swim spas.

EcoSalt Redox Salt Water Chlorination offers automatic, simple, economical and reliable disinfection.

  • Proven EcoSalt technology with integrated Redox sensor (ORP)
  • Production of chlorine or bromine (ideal for swim spas)
  • Compact, easy to use and requiring little maintenance - suitable for in-ground "cassette" type premises
  • Automatic mode
  • Automatic control of the oxidant level for safe swimming
  • Reverse polarity cells - Reduces the need for cleaning
  • A range of models for residential pools up to 130 m3
  • Ideal for indoor pools up to 60m3, for pools fitted with a vane, and for swim spas

Why chosing EcoSalt Redox salt water chlorination system?

  • Strong and durable, UV stabilised controller enclosure
  • Simple to use controls. Easy to set and operate.
  • Hinged, self-closing door protects control panel from the weather
  • In-line cell
  • ORP probe

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