Lo-Chlor pool cleaning range

The Lo-Chlor range offers a number of useful and efficient products for pool and spa cleaning.

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer

The ideal product for fixing leaks in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Our unique formulation seals leaks in pipe work and pool surfaces and is the perfect choice when highly expensive leak detection and excavation is your only choice. Suitable for use where the water loss does not exceed 1 inch per 24 hours in 60m3 of water.

Lo-Chlor Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

A highly concentrated formulation, which when used regularly will help prolong the life of your filter media. Designed to remove unwanted grime, body fats and dissolved metals. Highly effective against calcium scale. Can be used with Sand, Zeolite, Glass, DE and Cartridge Filter grids.

Lo-Chlor Clean Cell plus

Formulated to provide a highly concentrated cell cleaner to remove scale and organic matter build up from salt water chlorinators. Our new formulation is now re-usable and remains effective for up to three applications, and will not damage the cells unlike other harsher acid products. Ideal for reverse polarity cells and also for cleaning your scum line of the pool.

Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus

A complex blend of Magnesium salts, which coat the salt chlorinator cells making them easier to clean. One treatment lasts six months and enhances the chloride concentration of the water thus enhancing chlorine production.

Lo-Chlor Hydraslip Lubricant

Now available in a new handy size 75gm tube, this long lasting silicone lubricant is designed to protect rubber and plastic parts from wear and tear. Effective on O rings, seals and hinges with its non-staining formulation.

Lo-Chlor No More Ducks

Our formulation helps deter ducks from swimming pools. The product can be used with all types of pool finishes, and is not harmful to either ducks or humans when dosed at the correct rate within the swimming pool.

Lo-Chlor No More Bugs

A unique formulation that reduces the surface tension of the pool water, ridding the pool surface of floating insects. With reduced surface tension, insects cannot float and they then sink to the bottom of the pool where they are either filtered or vacuumed to waste.

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