Cartridge filters

Published on 09 May 2014

Category : Maintain

Cartridge filters are ideal for small pools and perfect for narrow pipes.

Choosing a cartridge filter for your swimming pool cuts regular pool maintenance down significantly by providing incredibly simple operation.

The cartridge filter is very popular for small pools and spas because of its bigger filter rating (15 to 25 micron). This filter is not expensive and is easy to install because, unlike the other systems, there is no connection on the sewer required.

Cartridge elements are cleaned easily with a high pressure hose to remove trapped particles. However, the maintenance has to be carried out regularly in a very strict way.

Note : this filtersystem should not be used with a PHMB treatment, all kinds of flocculants (except for Flovil) and quaternary ammonium based algaecide.

Available models : Star Clear, Star Clear Plus and Swimclear by HAYWARD and Clean & Clear Plus by PENTAIR

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