Published on 09 May 2014

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Salt water chlorination is a water treatment via salt, without adding chemicals.

Salt electrolysis is a salt sterilization procedure for your pool, without the need for any other chemical products.


Chlorine is generally used to disinfect pool water. Here the principle is to manufacture chlorine from salt previously dissolved in the swimming pool water.

The water in the pool must be slightly salty (between 3 and 5 grams of salt per litre). It is necessary to use sea salt or a special salt (see the end of the document).

The salt water is passed through an appliance called an electrolyser. This appliance is made up of polarized titanium plates in which a low voltage current is passed transforming the salt into Sodium Hypochlorite, natural chlorine.

This chlorine destroys bacteria (algae, germs, etc.) and then changes back into salt when exposed to UVs.


-          It is ecological and economical; it does not require the addition of further chemicals. The purchase of an electrolyser is written off in 1 or 2 seasons.

-          Also avoids the undesirable effects of chlorine: No odour, no irritation of the eyes or skin, no allergies, etc.

It is advisable to fit the electrolyser with automatic pH regulation for perfect sterilization of the swimming pool. In this way there are no problems of maintenance! The treatment of pools by the salt electrolysis technique is the most widely used in the world.


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