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Published on 23 August 2019

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A private spa for lovers, family, friends or for physical activity? Choose the size that suits your needs!

Choose your private spa according to your needs and priorities.

  1. Would you like a spa to relax and enjoy a moment of well-being while relaxing in a whirlpool bath?
  2. Would you like a spa to relieve daily stress?
  3. Do you want a spa for year-round physical activity?
  4. Would you like to enjoy your spa as a couple?
  5. Would you like to make your spa a fun place?

The purpose of this article is to help you identify your needs and desires before going any further in your search.

A private spa for lovers, family, friends or for physical activity?

Choose the size that suits your needs!

  • A 2 or 3-seater spa is perfect for single or couple use. A private spa with 2 or 3 seats takes up little space and can be installed on a terrace or balcony. Discover the Spa Week-end 330/2L model.
  • A 4 or 5-seater spa is perfect for couples who want more comfort or couples with children. Discover the Spa Week-end 536/L model.
  • A 6-seater spa is perfect for large families or evenings with friends. On the other hand, these spas require more space, so a dedicated outdoor or indoor space is necessary. Discover the Spa Week-end 645/L model.
  • A spa with more than 6 seats is perfect for evenings with friends or family. Once again, it requires a dedicated space indoors or outdoors. Discover on our site, the various swim spas that can double as a party spa! The Garden Leisure Swim Spa can be enjoyed by up to 11 people!
  • For those who are enjoy staying fit, the swimming spa meets provides an excellent physical activity. Discover the Garden Leisure swimming spas.

Accessories to improve your comfort

Enhance your spa with accessories that will improve your comfort, such as a floating or clip-on bar, an airbag, seat risers, etc. We also offer covers and cover lifters to protect your spa. Cover Valet blanket lifters prevent heat loss. Whether your hot tub is in Inside or outside, a cover is essential to protect your spa from external pollutants and to limit energy consumption.

Therapeutic or relaxing needs for your Spa?

The choice of massage system is crucial because your comfort and well-being will depend on it. The number of jets, their size and variety will have to be adapted to your needs.

Study the power of the jets to determine the type of massage you want: relaxing, invigorating or energizing; and the implantation of the jets to determine the areas of your body you want to massage regularly.

The massaging action of the jets makes it possible to target specific areas of the body in order to relieve everyday pains or tense muscles. These are truly therapeutic treatments that can relax muscles and joints.

Hydromassage offers many benefits for body and mind:

  • Soothing
  • Stimulation
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Toxin removal
  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation of muscles

Unlike hydrojets, bubbles do not offer a targeted but global action in order to offer you a moment of relaxation and relaxation like a real balneotherapy.

Improve your experience with chromotherapy, aromatherapy or music therapy

Chromotherapy uses light to bring well-being and soothing. It helps to heal certain physical or emotional disorders through colour. Each colour has a direct influence on the body and mind and thus offers a specific action. Yellow revitalizes, enthuses and stimulates. Orange invigorates. Blue refreshes and relaxes. Green soothes and calms. Green and blue combined, awaken intuition and talent. Red transmits energy and energizes. Turquoise calms inflammation and infections. Purple strengthens the nervous system.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. It is based on the diffusion of extracts of medicinal plants. These medicinal plants relax and relieve stress. Each plant takes different care. Choose your essential oils according to your needs.

Music therapy plays relaxing music. Sounds and rhythms help to brighten your mood and invigorate emotions.

Do not hesitate to contact a professional who will be able to guide you in your choice of Spa.

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